• Customer Testimonails

    We truly appreciate builder’s prompt service and excellent co-operation throughout the process of buying our house in Pune. Thanks to everyone in your staff who has contributed towards the project.

    Mr. Dilip Pol
    (Sarthak Terrace – Flat No. 10 & Sarthak Shantiniketan Flat No. A - 302)
  • Customer Testimonails

    Our expectations were rightly fulfilled and we got more than we ever imagined about our dream home. The quality lifestyle, transparent and professional approach makes you absolutely care free when you take an important decision like buying home.

    Mr. Prakash Telawade
    (Sarthak Residency Flat No. B - 05 & Sarthak Beaulieu Flat No. B - 701)
  • Customer Testimonails

    My search for dream house ended here the moment I came to know about this name. Sarthak means excellent service and everlasting bonds. I feel very much satisfied and I can guaranty you, once you choose this brand; they'll never let you down. Because owning a house at Sarthak is a symbol of growth & fulfillment.

    Mr. Suhas Thorat
    ( Sarthak Leela – Flat No.202 & Sarthak Belva – Flat No.302 )
  • Customer Testimonails

    The name Sarthak itself justifies their service and trust they build when you meet. It also reflects in the quality of homes and facilities they offer you. Being a part of Sarthak family I can assure you, you are at the best place if you choose to be in any home built by these people.

    Mr. Pravin Kudale
    (Sarthak Leela - Flat No. 301 & Sarthak Beaulieu Flat No. A - 801)
  • Customer Testimonails

    We were delighted to get good customer service and excellent construction quality when we decided to buy a flat with Sarthak Housing. The builder have proved our decision right to choose them and they have delivered all promises.

    Mr. Subodh Huddedar
    (Sarthak Beaulieu - Flat No. A - 903)
  • Customer Testimonails

    When looking for apartments in Pune, we were happy to choose a Sarthak home. Their prompt service, excellent support in all documentation work and quality construction have made us truly happy as customers.

    Mr. Atul Babhale
    (Sarthak Beaulieu - Flat No. B - 608)
  • Customer Testimonails

    Sarthak Housing is a reputed company with qualified and friendly staff. The construction quality is impeccable and the builders have lived upto their promise for quality, timely delivery and pricing.

    Mr. Cedwyn Menzes
    (Sarthak Shanti Corner - Flat No. 4)
  • Customer Testimonails

    Sarthak Housing is a trustworthy company with co-operative and helpful staff members. The quality of construction is truly outstanding and we are proud to be living in a Sarthak home.

    Mr. Nishchal Chivate
    (Sarthak Residency - Flat No. B - 10)